We are CLERGY and Lay Leaders


and dancing

and singing

with God

into the 21st Century.

This young leader is accompanied by Rev. Rob Noble!

Let's become friends!

Here's one of our fun events, Gather 'Round the Fire!

The February 2012 Pulpit Swap built bridges of worship and friendship across our Association. Take a look!

And on the serious side, here's how we are organized! Our Bylaws!

Join us in praying for a different church in our family each week!

Want to explore our churches?

Bennington, Second Congregational Church, UCC

Benson United Church

Brandon Comgregational Church

Castleton Federated Church

Dorset and East Dorset: United Church of Dorset and East Dorset

East Arlington: the Federated Church of East Arlington

Fair Haven: the First Congregational Church of Fair Haven, UCC
with her Biblical Gardens!

Hubbardton Congregational Church

The per capita for the VT Conference will be $11.87 per member as of 12/31/11.  The Southwest Association per capita will be $.25 per member as of 12/31/11.
That makes the per capita $12.12 per member as of 12/31/11.

Food for Faith! Series

A recent topic: 
Living at the Edge:
Finding our Footing
in a place of Shifting Shapes

Plan to join us soon

for the Annual Meeting

of our association!

at The United Church of Benson

at 2:30 on May 18, 2014

July 28th - Ordination Council!

Invitation - Click here!

for a copy of Amanda's paper, email hkfamily@sover.net

Our Summer 2013 Newsletter

is now online! Click here to view and print it!

Mission Day 2013 - Painting in Wallingford. See more!

Southwest Association within the Vermont Cnference of the United Church of Christ

Contact our Leaders!

Manchester, First Congregational Church

North Bennington Congregational Church

Pawlet Community Church

Peru Congregational Church

Pittsford Congregational Church

Rutland: Grace Congregational UCC

Shrewsbury Community Church

Sudbury Congregational Church, News Update!

West Rutland: United Church of West Rutland

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Fred Bitting and Julie Tuminnia Tomsuden plant the New Exodus Raised Bed Garden with the children in Fair Haven. Circling around the garden, visitors read the stories of the great saving work of God from the Hebrew Bible, and see, smell, even taste the plants that play roles in those amazing events. Other gardens include a Walk through the Bible Garden, a Garden to raise vegetables for Fair Haven Concerned, a water garden, a butterfly garden, and other plants of the Bible gardens. The gardens are resting in the winter, but come May, God willing, the gardens will come back to life! To arrange a visit and enjoy our slideshow presentation, contact the Rev. Marsh Hudson-Knapp.
We are






coming to love God and God's family!

These are children in our Castleton Federated Church!

Who are we?

We are the United Church of Christ Churches (U.C.C.)

in Bennington and Rutland Counties of Vermont!

What do we do?

We reach out to bring hope and help in our world...

through annual CROP Walks in Fair Haven , Rutland and Bennington

through local missions, like Fair Haven Concerned - Castleton Cares - and Rutland Food Cupboard

and far out mission trips and Mission Day March 2013!

We worship God with Music and Dance with Living Word and Sacraments!

We grow in Faith through Walk to Emmaus and Alpha

We nurture Pastors and Churches!

The Southwest Association

within the Vermont Conference

of the United Church of Christ